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What Type of Driver Hire is Right for Your Business?

August 11, 2020

Need help juggling multiple priorities? Discover driver and mechanic hiring options to help you maximize your time.

Every business has different driver staffing needs, and often times those needs change. No matter what you’re looking for, TransForce Group  can help you find qualified drivers, mechanics, and technicians. We offer dedicated workforce management, specialized staffing, and direct hire options so you can save time and focus on the core of your business.

What driver hiring option is best for your business?

Dedicated Driver Program

Are you looking to fill a longer term need for a driver(s) in your business but don’t have the time, resources or assurance of bringing them on as a full-time employee? TransForce Group’s dedicated driver program can take the burden of employer responsibilities – including health insurance for the driver – to give your business the time to focus on other areas. Every program is customized to business needs, with a focus on safety and compliance with measurable results.

Specialized Staffing Service

Does your business have seasonal peaks in demand or periods of increased call-offs? Or do you want to hire drivers on a temporary basis vs. full-time? If you answered yes to either of these questions, our flex driver or temp-to-permanent staffing solutions may be the answer.  We can help you find qualified, compliant drivers for these scenarios:

  • Short Term Flex Drivers – Less than 8 hours per month
  • Long Term Flex Drivers – 90+ day assignments
  • Temp-to-Permanent Drivers – Start as temporary drivers with TransForce Group managing employer responsibilities and moving to a full-time employee in your business after the temporary trial period.

Direct Hire Services

Need help finding qualified diesel mechanics and technicians?  TransForce Group sources and recruits the best employees in the industry so you can hire them directly. We’ll save you valuable time by locating top talent for your critical positions.

Partner with TransForce Group to Hire the Right Drivers for Your Business.

To learn more about TransForce Group’s driver hiring options, get in touch with our team for a consultation with one of our dedicated representatives. You can also visit transforcegroup.com/employment or call us at 800-308-6989 for more information.