NPTC 2019 National Safety Conference

September 4, 2019

TransForce Group team is gearing up for the 2019 NPTC National Safety Conference. The annual event will be held September 11-13 in Orlando, Florida. Attendees can look forward to a unique format of presentations, discussions with key government officials, problem-solving workshops, expert panels, and networking opportunities. This is also the first year the Safety Conference is featuring an exhibit hall, which is where you can find the TransForce Group booth!

Meet the team

We asked the staff members who will be representing TransForce Group at this year’s event to share a few things about themselves. Be sure to stop by booth #53 to say hello and learn more about our services.

Kim Castagnetta, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing

What my title means: I focus on the value we provide to our customers and drivers, and the best way we can connect them with solutions making sure TransForce Group stays the Driver’s Choice and the Carrier’s Advantage.

How long I’ve been with TransForce: 2 years

What I like most about working for TransForce: Our commitment to safety and bringing high touch value to customers and drivers.

Fun fact: I am a huge English Premier League fan, and will be attending my first matches in England this fall.

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Marc Halpin, Senior Director of Sales Operations

What my title means: I focus on sales growth and sales enablement as well as training and sales reporting.

How long I’ve been with TransForce: 7 years and 5 months

What I like most about working for TransForce: The team and family environment and focus on growth.

Fun fact: Growing up I played soccer in 6 countries and won a National Championship in Platform Tennis.

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Gene Nelson, CTP, Director of Business Development

What my title means: I focus on national partnerships, primarily in the private fleet sector.

How long I’ve been with TransForce: 7.5 years

What I like most about working for TransForce: The energetic leadership.

Fun fact: I love to fish, boat, and be outdoors, and I used to be in law enforcement.

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Andrew Burr, Director of Compliance & Safety

What my title means: The Compliance and Safety Director serves as a primary resource to our branch operations team to advise them on all Safety and Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations. I oversee the Compliance team and support our customer’s Safety Directors in an effort to help them improve their business operations. As the Compliance and Safety Director, I help drive the growth of TransForce Services Group; conducting mock DOT audits for customers and various other customer programs.

How long I’ve been with TransForce: 18 months

What I like most about working for TransForce: The dedication of high standards that is passed down from our top leadership. TransForce prioritizes and is committed to the safety of employees, our drivers, our partners and the traveling public. It’s an honor to work for a company that has a vision to make a difference.

Fun fact: I have a Commercial Pilot’s License, enjoy playing golf and a diehard Carolina Panthers fan, Go Panthers!

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John LaVelle, National Solutions Specialist

What my title means: My focus is to develop and apply solutions related to management and control of regulatory compliance, use of internal data for fleet optimization, and transportation labor strategies and planning. My emphasis is on clients who operate multiple sites in a variety of geographic markets.

How long I’ve been with TransForce: 1 year and 10 months

What I like most about working for TransForce: TransForce is a dynamic, rapidly growing company that offers great opportunity to express professional creativity and problem-solving. This creates tremendous value for our clients…that’s fun.

Fun fact: My wife and I take great joy in our kids, grandkids, our home and our horses.

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