Focus Your Resources on Core Business Operations and Increase Productivity with TransForce Group Dedicated Driver Workforce Management.

Outsource HR Admin

Outsource HR Admin

TransForce Group manages your driver recruitment, onboarding, payroll, benefits packages and workers' comp/unemployment – allowing you to free up internal resources and focus on expanding your business.

Keep your Trucks Moving

Keep your Trucks Moving

We work to ensure your trucks never go unmanned, and with all of TransForce Group drivers being pre-qualified and vetted by our compliance center - you can have confidence in always having a safe, secure driver behind the wheel for your business.

Scale Your Operations

Scale Your Operations

Designed to help you focus more on your business, and less on driver management – our dedicated driver workforce service allows growing businesses to scale up without the burden of driver recruitment, dispatch, and placement.

Remove the Burden of Costly Driver Recruitment and Risk of Hiring Lags

Recruiting CDL Drivers is a significant resource constraint. We relieve that burden from your business by managing that process for you. And thanks to our access to and long-standing reputation with the driver community – as well as +10,000 vetted driver employees across the US and Canada – we do it fast and effectively.

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Let Us Handle Driver Documentation Including Payroll, Benefits, DQ File Management & More y

When you partner with TransForce Group for driver recruitment outsourcing, we manage your driver payroll, benefits, DOT compliant qualification files, DQ file management, worker’s compensation, and unemployment – putting your HR and Compliance teams at ease.

Feel Confident That a Vetted, Certified Driver is Always Behind the Wheel for Your Business

At TransForce, we require that every driver applicant be screened and approved by our DOT Compliance Center prior to dispatch. Our unique process has made us the safest private fleet in the industry for 9 consecutive years. What’s more? We can get a new driver vetted and in your trucks in under 8 days.

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What Our Customers Say

“TransForce helped our company transition our drivers to their Dedicated Driver Services program without any productivity loss to our customers. They guided us through the process and their advice was spot-on every step of the way.”

- Human Resource Director, Privately Held Motor Carrier

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